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3 Pack Portable Pocket Card Phone Holder

3 Pack Portable Pocket Card Phone Holder


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This is the world's first phone stand that can transform from a chip of card to a fully articulated stand that holds at the most extreme angles

Designed for maximum functionality and portability, the pocket tripod can fully adjust the angle continuously, and move from portrait to landscape.  

Made of carbon fiber and high-tech plastic that engineered to be robust and durable. Each unit is individually tested for quality and built to last

Fine enough to coincide with the thickness of almost any device on the market and any case.

Your everyday camera fits in your pocket. Get the most out of it.

  • Ultra-Portable: taking only as much space as 2 stacked embossed credit cards, it comfortably fits in any wallet or purse.
  • Universal Fit: The opening that holds the device has a universal shape, and is available in a range of 15 Adapter sizes - as large as 0.5 Inches (12.9 MM).
  • Carbon Fiber: The legs are reinforced with carbon fiber skeletons. This gives it extra rigidity for holding heavy devices, without sacrificing flexibility for comfort in your pocket.


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