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Up to 50%OFF Phone signal enhancement stickers

Up to 50%OFF Phone signal enhancement stickers

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  • The latest SP-4 Antenna X can produce these enhancers and other mobile phones, and can also enhance the receiving capabilities of two antennas, such as Way Radios PDAs, walkie-talkies, buzzers, and even cordless phones at home.
  • Improved X PlusSP-1 Rev. Phone Antenna Booster Our new generation X Plus Revised Edition antenna booster phone is better than ever.

  • The antenna booster is now stronger and has a shiny gold color.
  • It is also equipped with instructions on how to install and test the new antenna amplifier.


  • Huge impact -likePhone on the 4 foot antenna .

  • Improves Reception, Reduce Static in boats, elevators, cars, buildings, tunnels, and mountains.  
  • Works on any Analog, Digital, and Tri-band phones. Eliminate dropped calls.  
  • Easy to install, simply peel and stick to the inside of your battery compartment.

  • Each Booster is individually packaged ready to be given as a gift or for resale!

    ♥♥These Boosters are not only used for Cell Phones but also boost the reception on Two Way Radios, PDA's, Walkie Talkies, Beepers, and even Cordless Phones in your house.