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DIY Surprise Explosion Gift Box

DIY Surprise Explosion Gift Box

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Keep all your heart warming nostalgic memories of your lover, family and friends in one place and assembled in a unique way with this Hexagonal Customisable Love Photo Album!

It is a hexagonal box and has more sides than the regular love photo box with 11 different styles of boxes for you to choose for. Perfect if you love the concept of this unique album box.

It is a special gift for your lover, family, friends or just for yourself simply because you want to keep your memories in a unique way. Ideal for birthday, anniversary, wedding, mother's day, baby and even marriage proposal. 

This is the most unique and meaningful personal gift for your loved ones.

Package Inclusion :

  • 6 large pockets,
  • 6 small pockets,
  • 12 photo pages,
  • 1 center box
  • 1 instruction