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DrumCrisp-Chicken Rack Holder

DrumCrisp-Chicken Rack Holder

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The most useful tool for the barbeque

DrumCrisp gives you a clean and easy way of roasting chicken to professional standards! It can hold up to 14 drumsticks at once to allow a seamless way of even grilling!

Once you hang them you can easily marinate them then put them in the oven or grill and watch how they start crisping without needing flipping or supervision from you!

DrumCrisp comes with a tray that will keep your grill from getting dirty, cleanup won’t be an afterthought! Give your next barbeque a tender taste everyone will remember!

Why DrumCrisp is for you

Lick your fingers off-Making the yummiest chicken drumsticks is no longer a hassle, easily marinate and grill them to crisp perfection!

Lay off the hard work- You don’t have to spend a whole day at the grill, roast up to 14 drumsticks all at once without needing to watch over them!

Mess-free grilling-Thanks to the smart stand you never again have to clean up the grill after roasting your drumsticks again!

DrumCrisp is the ultimate choice- Show everyone why you are operating the grill, surprise their senses with drumsticks roasted to professional standards!