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Xtreme Laser Slingshot

Xtreme Laser Slingshot

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😍2021 Hottest Gadget😍

The Entune™ Laser Slingshot is one of 2021's coolest gadgets. Whether you're shooting targets, hunting, or making awesome videos, our slingshots are guaranteed to perform and impress. 

Incredible Accuracy

Clearly fiber optic aiming point helps make an easy shot. Includes adjustable mechanical aiming for left and right, making it suitable for people with different grasping habits. For quicker shots, simply use the laser sight attached to the handle.



Suitable for multiple uses such as outdoor competition, hunting, entertainment, hiking, or camping. It is also a suitable tools to defendyourself from an attack or drive away annoying animals.



Use At Night

Laser can be used to aim at a target in the dark, it is easy and accurate to lock in and hit the target.


Easy To Use

The pressure plate design makes it easy to install or remove the rubber band. The bubble of the spirit level is centered, indicating that your shooting posture iscorrect and can also be adjusted according to the position of the horizontal bubble.


Ergonomic Handle

The hard resin handle adopts a recurve design, which can adapt to the posture and provide good friction when shooting. The good hand feeling it gives off achieves a powerful ejection.