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FoodSafe Zip-bag Storage Tray

FoodSafe Zip-bag Storage Tray

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Mysterious container stock and worst over bagged zip-locks?

Digging for food you forgot that turns into green and rotten and throws it away into the trash? But that is a waste of cash!

Declutter food bag in a literal snap!

Introducing, FoodSafe Zip-bag Storage Tray!

No More Unorganized Bagged Food

Transform your refrigerator from being messy into an organized success! It is like getting a big refrigerator.

Simply Peel, Stick & Slide!

Attach this to the bottom of your shelf without ANY tools needed. Requires refrigerator shelving flat underside. 

Super strong and secure that tightly holds so much food up to 20 pounds.

12 Slots for Different Storage Bags

Glance-able and convenient plastic storage zip bags that preserve food longer. Organized them like books on a shelf. 

Makes Food Retrieving Easy

Zip bag slides right in to store food. Tray slides out to see everything in just a glance. Save time finding what you need. Great way to get ready snacks for your family diet lifestyle especially for your kids.

Save Your Food to Save Money

Save Food From going bad. Save Money from the grocery store buying a replacement for food you already have that you don’t notice because it was buried in the container.

Options Usage are Endless!

Works great for Cabinets, Pantries, Craft Items, Hardware.



  • Tray : ABS
  • Rail : ABS, Stainless Steel