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3rd Gen Rainbow Steel Wool✨✨

3rd Gen Rainbow Steel Wool✨✨

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As art lovers, we are always looking to discover new things, be creative, and improve our knowledge.
We mix copper cotton and magnesium cotton together, so it burns in a variety of colors.
The steel velvet kit just opens the door to more possibilities, creativity, and fantastic art. Not only that, but over the last few months, we’ve actually started a beautiful and very popular trend across all social media.
It is very easy to use and will amaze you and all of your friends with the effects and unique results which are actually limitless, meaning that you can create art in every moment of the night.
Note: At least one adult should accompany you when lighting Steel Wool Rolls, and wear a hat and goggles. Although most sparks will be sent around by centrifugal force, it is important to be safe.
Principle:The use of metal wool itself produces no smoke, is without any gunpowder, is pollution-free, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  • Do this in a Safe Place, Keep far away from large crowds, vehicles, and explosives.
  • Fluff up the Steel Wool to touch as much air as possible for Complete Combustion and best effects.
  • Package includes Steel Wool+ Iron Chain + Iron Clip 

4. Ignite the Steel Wool and Spin the whisk! Once everything is ready, Ignite the Steel Wool with a Lighter. Just a little bit is Enough and the Steel Wool will Start to Smolder. The Whole Steel wool will Catch on Fire when being spun. Have fun!