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Lunami-Levitating Moon Lamp

Lunami-Levitating Moon Lamp

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Add some sci-fi magic to your room

You don’t need a telescope to observe the moon! Lunami is a lamp created by space lovers for space lovers to help you come closer to the moon than you’ve ever been before!

Like the real moon, Lunami rotates and levitates in the open space above the stand, setting a breathtaking view you can marvel at for hours and use as a night lamp at your convenience!

The newest 3D printing technology has allowed us to model Lunami as it’s observed on satellites to flesh out every detail on it and display it in full contrast every time you turn it on!

Why Lunami is for you

Explore the universe- See the moon in its full glowing glory, once you turn it on you’ll see all its surface in detail as it orbits your room!

Bend gravity to your will- Place Lunami on the magnetic stand and watch how it will start levitating as if it’s orbiting the Earth!

Live in the future-Set an out worldly scene for your room or make your friends geek out by gifting them a piece of the future! 

Lunami is the ultimate choice- Give your home a futuristic vibe with a sci-fi lighting decor you’ll never get tired of staring at!