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Miracle Growing Christmas Tree 🎄

Miracle Growing Christmas Tree 🎄

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Grow your own magic!

Grow your own decor with theMagic Growing Christmas Tree! This delightful paper treegrows vibrantly colored crystalBest decor for your bedroom or office. 

Theperfect gift for both children and adults, a simple but fun and entertaining science experiment. It’snon-toxic and 100% safe. Simply add on the nutrient water that included and wait.Then see your unique Christmas tree the next day!


  • Magical Growth - A magical paper tree that grows enchantingly.
  • Enchanting Crystals - Sprouts vibrantly colored, fine crystals. 
  • Entertaining - A simple entertainment that can stimulate children’s curiosity.

  • Safe to Use - Non-toxic and 100% safe.
  • Different Styles - Available in 3 different colors. Each tree grows in its unique way. 
  • Amazing Gift - Both kids and adults would love this magical gift!


  • Style: As shown
  • Size: 15 cm x 9.6 cm

Product Includes

  • 1 x Magic Growing Christmas Tree