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50% OFF SALE ON NOW! MOPPSY PRO 2 . Exceptional self-cleaning system

50% OFF SALE ON NOW! MOPPSY PRO 2 . Exceptional self-cleaning system

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 ✅Easy Washing Easy Drying:  Moppsy's exclusive cleaning and draining system ensure that the mop is always clean and dry, depositing dirt in an exclusive tank. 

 washable mop pad included in the price. 


Moppsy can be used wet or dry: It's perfect in the home, kitchen, bathroom, and also in the office. Used wet with your regular cleaning product, it helps you in deep cleaning. If you use it dry you can clean the floor of marble, ceramic or wood, ceilings, and windows.

Premium quality Microfiber pads. Pads do not release debris, made of very fine and resistant fabric, woven to trap dirt and absorb large amounts of water. Our tests indicate that the retention rates are above the best on the market. 

High-quality Build: Very sturdy bucket and stainless-steel mop handle will not rust stains, unbreakable for long time life.



The Moppsy Pro 2 cleans and drains the mop without ever having to touch it!. The bucket features a draining and rinsing system, which means your mop is always clean, dry, and ready to use. 

Plus, you control the water that’s left on the mop, allowing you to customize the mop for your specific cleaning needs. 

Moppsy Pro 2 specifications

The most requested feature that the customers who purchased the previous version of Moppsy was a small dimension, large capacity bucket. We’re happy to say that we delivered that request, as that’s exactly what Moppsy Pro 2 features! 


  • High: 15.8 inch // 40 cm. 
  • Width: 8.6 inch // 22 cm. 
  • Deep: 7 inch // 18 cm. 
  • Number of chambers: 2
  • Capacity : 1.32 gal (5 L) // 1,1 gal (4.2 L)
  • Weight full: 11.2 lbs. // (5.1 kg)
  • Mop Width: 4.7 inch //12 cm. width
  • Mop Length: 12.9 inch // 33 cm. length


What makes Moppsy Pro 2  different?

Imagine cleaning with a mop that doesn't spread dirt. The new wringing and drying system deposits dirt in the bucket. 

It is isolated and does not return to the floor as it happens with a traditional mop.

Our new and improved model is extremely compact and very lightweight, making it easy to transport and store; in fact, the newly redesigned Moppsy Pro 2 can be stored and transported virtually anywhere!.

Thanks to the advanced drainage system, Moppsy Pro 2 removes up to 90% of the liquid that the microfiber mop absorbs, thus significantly cutting down cleaning time. 

MOPPSY PRO 2. New Design, Improved Features

  • The mop rotates 180º , so it can easily pass around and under furnishings.

  • The compact size allows for easier handling and storage. 

  • The advanced polymer material is super strong and can withstand knocks and drops with ease. 

  • Glides with ease and requires less effort. 

  • Super easy to use draining and drying system 

  •  Improved draining and drying system efficiency

  • Better absorption capabilities

  • Saves you time and requires less effort

  • Saves water and reduces use of cleaning products.