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Premium Menstrual Cup

Premium Menstrual Cup

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Women around the world are making the switch to menstrual cups. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups offer women an environmental friendly, safer, cheaper and easier to use alternative to traditional tampons.

 This is the cup - the best cup for beginners, for period pros, and for people who are tired of outdated menstrual care. The pull tab makes this cup easier to use than any other cup. Plus, it lasts for years saving you money and creating zero waste along the way.

Sizing Guide:

Size S is recommended for women who haven’t given birth vaginally.

Size L is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally.


What we put in our bodies is important. Our products are safe for your body, regulated by the FDA, and made with supreme care and consideration. No chemical bleaches, no toxins, no issues. Only the good stuff.

Menstrual Cup Features:

- 100% medical grade silicon

FDA Approved, CE Certified, ISO 13485 Certified

- A healthier and safer alternative to tampons and sanitary pads

- Money saving - no need to pay for disposable tampons or sanitary pads every month.

- Use your cup for up to 12 hours (overnight) for the ultimate comfort

Cup is for doing more.

  • Up to 12-hour wear, no frequent changes

  • Sleep, exercise, swim, and more…

  • Reusable and lasts for years

  • Less messy removal

Cup is for peace of mind.

  • Ultimate comfort and velvety-soft

  • Perfect Fit Guarantee

  • Hypoallergenic and pH neutral

  • FDA approved. BPA and toxin-free


What is included: 1x Premium Menstrual Cup


What is not included: A physical instruction guide is not included, as we want to minimise on unnecessary environmental waste.