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🎄🎅50%OFF! 2021 RC Bounce Car with WIFI camera HD

🎄🎅50%OFF! 2021 RC Bounce Car with WIFI camera HD

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It sounds great to race the cars with your children or just let them play racing games with their partners. This jumping car is not only a toy but also a tool that promotes outdoor playing and family bonding. The super cutting-edge technology enables it to be more accurate than any other RC toy cars' steering. Cool shapes, flexible wheels, and high-speed performance attract lots of kids and adults. You won't be regret taking one. 
Motor: brush motor
Remote control distance: 30 meters
Body battery capacity: 3.7V (803:300 mAh lithium battery) (805: 380 mAh lithium battery)
Running time: 20 minutes
Speed: 10KM/H+
Charging time: 50 minutes
Charger Specifications: USB
Function: 70 cm high jumping force Forward Back Left turn (left turn) Right turn (right turn) 3-speed acceleration 3-speed deceleration Motion sound control Light control Free turn 360 degrees Back jump (small step) Latitude correction Automatic presentation + music
- Forward and backward, 360-degree rotation and 80cm jumping height. 
- Be able to complete a series of difficult actions such as slowly shaking, tapping, rotating jump, swing, standing up, etc. 
- Come with an 80W camera and video function. 
- Press the wheels to make the car narrower and stretch the wheels to make the car wider, you can make it into different shapes. 
- The car moves with melodies under the control. 
- With shockproof function, flexible material, and rechargeable batteries, you can use it for a long time. 
- Use the mobile phone to scan the corresponding QR code at the bottom of the box to download the APP and use the mobile phone as a remote control to operate the car.