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SpinSplash-360 Rotation Lawn Sprinkler

SpinSplash-360 Rotation Lawn Sprinkler

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The easiest way to water your big garden

You can put down the water hose forever! Maintaining a lush garden or a green lawn doesn’t have to take away your free time! Leave it to SpinSplash to do all the watering for you!

The unique three-way nozzles are not only entirely adjustable but cover up to 3600+ square feet evenly to water all four corners of your garden in a quick breeze!

You don’t have to be conservative with the sprinkling, SpinSplash spreads every drop around to make sure nothing goes to waste! Keep all your plants healthy at no expense of your time or money!

Why SpinSplash is for you

Better than the rain- SpinSplash’s coverage rivals even the clouds, with only one you can easily cover the front lawn or back garden!

Instant irrigation- Don’t have time to water the lawn by yourself, put SpinSplash in the middle to do the watering in an instant!

Evenly watered- An unevenly watered garden is not a pretty sight, SpinSplash’s 360-degree rotating action leaves no plant dry!

SpinSplash is the ultimate choice- Finally, a sprinkler that can cover more ground with less water, keeping your big lawn green is easy with SpinSplash!

  • 360° rotating nozzle
  • Automatic pop-up sprinkler
  • Close to the ground, spray massively
  • Wide range of uses
  • Two modes

360° rotating nozzle

360° rotating nozzle can better take care of each soil moisture.

Two modes: rotating nozzle, adjustable angle

  • Large water volume direct injection mode
  • Wide-range oblique shooting mode

Three fork sprinkler

Using 3 nozzle watering sprinkler will reduce water usage by up to 70% over traditional sprinklers by focusing water directly to the roots of plants.

Widely used

Watering flowers in greenhouses, cooling farms, etc. It is suitable for agricultural sprinkling irrigation of farms, orchards, tea gardens, trees, etc., and other garden sprinkler irrigation for lawns, parks, green belts, etc.

Easy to install

Just connect the hose to the lawn sprinkler, no complicated installation process.


It is made of plastic material which is eco-friendly, safe and durable.


Material: Plastic
Color: Green
Spray Modes: Straight spray(large water flow) & Inclined spray(wide range)
Interface: 6 feet inner silk interface(diameter: about 25 mm/0.98 inches)