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What’s included
Teeth Whitening Kit Each Teeth Whitening Kit comes complete with an LED Light and Mouth Tray, Shade Guide, and 3 Gel Syringes for a total of 6 treatments. Instructions are included on the back of the Teeth Whitening Kit.

Dentist led trial

Summary of findings

96 percent

of subjects observed a change in their tooth shade after a single 10-minute treatment.

3.5 shades

An average of 3.5 shades whiter was achieved after a single 10-minute treatment.

8 shades

Maximum observed change in shade after a single 10-minute treatment was 8 shades.

About our dentist led trial

The Hismile formula's blinded dentist led trial was led by a third-party dentist and included 24 people between the ages of 19 and 55. The participants used "a novel whitening formula" in non-branded packaging.

The dentist (evaluator) measured for an increase in tooth shade relative to the VITA Bleachedguide, adverse effects to soft tissue, and changes to sensitivity after a single 10-minute whitening treatment.

Dentist Led Trial

24 Subjects Aged 19-55

Single 10-Minute Whitening Treatment.



1. This product is made of dental external material. Do not take it orally.

2. Please keep this product out of reach of childrens to avoid eating by mistake.

3. Children under 8 years old, pregnant woman and special groups are prohibited from using.