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Tree Cutter - Mini Cordless Saw

Tree Cutter - Mini Cordless Saw

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    Tree Cutter is a versatile mini wireless chainsaw. It is ideal for pruning trees and shrubs, for cutting green cuttings and also for wood constructions. With a 1/4 chain for high cutting efficiency and solid cuts. It is also comfortable thanks to its non-slip control handle. The chain can be changed without tools and is equipped with a flexible protective cover for working. Thanks to the handy charge indicator, you know when it's time to recharge.

    From promoting healthy trees and shrubs to landscaping, this trimmer is ideal for a wide range of tasks, from gardening to a variety of small projects. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the Tree Cutter is an important addition to lawn care.


    The Tree Cutter cordless brush is a versatile tool. Ideal for trimming trees or shrubs, cutting backyard trash, and home or building improvement projects.

    The Tree Cutter cordless pruner is equipped with the easily removable 3 PM3 saw chain. This chain allows users to make smooth and precise cuts. The design also offers the user the advantage of reduced vibration.


    The tree Cutter is quite easy to use. More information Let the saw do the work for you. It is important; trying to push down to cut faster will block the scissors. A gentler action will allow the garden knife to move easily through the wood. The upper guide opens for you as you cut. Provides continuous protection without disturbing others.




    • Powerful for its size
    • Lightweight and easy to hold
    • Impressive security features
    • Free Shipping (electric Version)