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ULTIMATE Ther-Max Winter Gloves | Touchscreen

ULTIMATE Ther-Max Winter Gloves | Touchscreen

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The Ultimate All-Purpose Winter Gloves are here!

These waterproof, windproof winter gloves offer the perfect amount of heat and allow you to use your phone with our unique touchscreen fingertip design. These are the perfect gloves for all cold weather outdoor activities. Our maximum comfort gloves are also puncture proof for complete safety. 


Note: Ther-Max Gloves are NOT SOLD IN STORES!!

Why People Love These

  • HEAT INSULATED: Feel free knowing your hands will always be warm. Our gloves are made from insulated Nylon that will keep your hands nice and toasty in all cold weather conditions.
  • PROTECT HANDS FROM WIND: During the cold season, your hands can experience rough conditions and might damage the skin. Our high-quality neoprene wind-stopping rubber keeps your skin from wind damage.
    • ANTI SLIP/WATERPROOF: This pair is made to withstand anything… including liquids! Equipped with a refined anti-slip pvc rubber palms, your gloves will NEVER slide off. And our unique Neoprene Nylon lining will ensure no water gets through.
    • TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE: Our gloves have index and thumb finger touchscreen compatibility. Meaning you can still text, email, use your social media all while keeping your hands safe.

    Ther-Max Winter Gloves are a must have for this winter season..


    • Laminated wind barrier
    • High Quality Waterproof Zipper
    • C40 3M warmth
    • Neoprene nylon
    • Double Connect touchscreen compatible finger tips
    • Layered palm construction
    • Machine washable

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